Hello, I am Mariya Tikhomirova, Berlin-based editor and UX writer, focused on creating simple, clear, consistent text for userfriendly interfaces. 

Previously wrote for companies in a field of health and medicine Atlas Biomed (personalized health company, the Atlas DNA Test and the Atlas Microbiome Test), Doc+ (the most holistic digital health platform, providing doctor home visits, telemedicine, drug delivery, electronic health record, doctor appointments in one app), for digital products such as iola.app.

After graduating from university and working for several years as a psychologist, I made a career pivot, landing a job as an editor in a publishing house. In the past 12 years since then, I`ve been working with different forms of the written word, and now specialize in UX writing and microcopy.

To reach me out please, go ahead with email or LinkedIn.

Some examples of my work you can find right here.

Sometimes our work stays hidden in drafts or projects that couldn`t make it to release, or in companies for internal use only. But when we can present it — it should be presented.


Post «UX Writing for digital products: iola app» if you are ready for a long read.
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