Lübbenau, April 2019

12:16 PM

So-called «Italien Venice»: one hundred kilometers from Berlin to the quiet, peaceful town with water channels instead of streets.

The boat excursion is the first must-do here. There are a lot of captains here, not everyone speaks English, so you better check before the trip. We found a very chatty captain, who've been telling stories in German all the two hours of the way, and repeating everything in English especially for us. He probably tamed the swan: we met one on the way and it happily swam for captain's bread.

The duration of tours may vary from two to ten hours: short round or long, with snacks and a stop for dinner in the old village.

According to our captain, earlier the region was engaged in agriculture, but now it is all about tourism.

Second must-do: try local pickles. I've tried, loved it, now buy only this kind of pickles in Berlin.

Third must-do is in our plans for someday: rent a canoe or a kayak, grab a paddle and explore water channels ourselves.

The road from Berlin takes about 1,5 on the train, so it is better not to rush and spend in Lübbenau the whole day. There is a lovely bakery on the central square. Walk out of the railway station, go straight down the Postraße, and delicious breakfast (or lunch. Or whatever, you know, German's pastry is the best!) awaits on the left hand.


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